Denise Boutin - Owner

who we are

My name is Denise Boutin.  I own and operate MathStrides Tutoring and have been teaching and tutoring students of all ages since 1987.  As an educator in the grades 7-12 public school system, I found that careful and creative planning aimed at meeting students where they were and advancing them to the next level was often stalled by sheer size of classes; and gave rise to a situation where mediocrity for the masses came at the expense of fueling a desire to excel and instilling in students a passion for the learning of mathematics.  I have since found that in the small group and individual learning environment, I can make great strides in advancing students in their studies by easily accommodating students in addressing their individual learning styles and needs.

Regardless of your child's current perceived ability for mathematics excellence, I am committed to breaking down the barriers of learning where mathematics is concerned.  I will explore a variety of approaches to learning in an effort to find the one best-suited for your child.  Let me share my love of mathematics and teaching to help your child achieve success in learning.