Denise Boutin - Owner

Denise is the math teacher I always dreamed of. She has the extraordinary ability to make math fun, interesting, and challenging. She meets each child at their level and helps them to excel to the best of their abilities. Both my son and daughter say that math with Miss Denise is one of the high points of their week.   

My son who is now in the 6th grade was failing 5th grade math and didn’t want anything to do with math. I found Denise’s phone # by an advertisement on her vehicle, called her and the very first session changed my son's liking of math. “Mom, I’m going to be ahead of the class now” as he gave me a hug and said, “thank you.” He is now caught up and even started the 6th grade curriculum before school started. She tutors my son once a week and has even answered a few homework questions by phone. Denise is dedicated and has so much patience and enthusiasm for teaching math that you can’t help but love math.   

We highly recommend Denise for tutoring help.  She worked with our high school son when we found his teacher to be inadequate.  Denise did a wonderful job.  Her approach to teaching and explaining worked extremely well with our son.  She really helped him get the grades he should have been getting, but she also helped him gain back the confidence that he'd lost.  She was always patient and she seemed to really care about how he performed.  She went above and beyond to make herself available for extra sessions or to change her schedule so that her tutoring would better align with our son's tests and final exams.  All in all, she gave our son exactly what he needed to perform at his best. 

My daughter has been going to MathStrides for one semester and her grade went from failing to a B on her last report card.  Her quizzes and tests have been straight A's.  Denise makes learning math interesting and fun.

​Denise is building more confidence in my daughter's ability to do math.  She brings much patience and knowledge to the table when working with a student.  I am very glad my daughter will have such a valuable resource in math tutoring this school year in math.

My daughter is in Fifth grade, very bright in all subjects, but for the last couple of years has struggled with Math concepts.  In third grade I could still help her myself, but in fourth grade and now in fifth grade, I found myself unable to articulate to her HOW to do the problem, I could tell her the answer, but not HOW to get to it.  Plus we both found ourselves very frustrated when I tried to help her.  We have been tutoring with Denise for about a month now.  Prior to tutoring my daughter would get an "N" on math quizzes and tests, an "N" indicated she had essentially failed and had to correct the quiz/test, in order to bring her grade up to a "C" at the most.  After one tutoring session, my daughter received an "A"  on a quiz and yesterday she received a "C+" on a Quarterly test.  She was just two points away from a "B"!!!!   What I know for sure - my daughter is enjoying and understanding math, she is grasping and comprehending the concepts, she is gaining math confidence and she is now proud of her math grades!  I cannot thank Denise enough and HIGHLY recommend her to any struggling student, at any level.  Additionally, Denise regularly communicates with me and is genuinely interested in my daughter's progress in between tutoring sessions.  If you want a tutor that can make an immediate impact in your child's learning, Denise is for you!

My son has struggled with memorizing math facts for years which led to his avoidance of the subject whenever possible. We tried other tutors and even, regrettable in our case, medication which made him sick to the point where we immediately stopped giving it to him. This was all painful to watch as a parent. We are still not sure what his diagnosis is for sure but it seems to be ADD with no HD component. The biggest gift Miss Denise gave me as a parent? The confidence to go to his teachers and say “Your way is not working, please hold off on certain lessons until further notice while his tutor works with him.” It seemed bold and demanding but IT WORKED and I’m so grateful that I had her support. Since he has gained confidence in math many of the ADD symptoms have all but disappeared. The way that Miss Denise teaches him multiplication facts and math in general seems to speak to my son in a way he has never experienced until now. He is soaring. He set goals for himself and he crushes them. He scored “above average” on his math tests. That’s all great and we love seeing results on paper, the real payoff? He’s not sad, he’s not frustrated, he goes to school and loves to conquer the work, that’s the real payoff. He loves math again. 

My daughter began to work with Miss Denise just prior to being diagnosed with a math disability called Dyscalculia. Though highly gifted she will continue to need 1-1 support in mathematics through school, even college. Miss Denise has made all things possible for her and she is thriving in higher level math in high school. My daughter can count on her to teach her in a variety of ways. She walks away from each session beaming with success . Miss Denise is fondly referred to as the "Math Whisperer" among the many parents and students fortunate enough to work with her. Words are not enough to describe her extraordinary talent and the gift she brings to her students.